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To be the leader in Civil and Building Engineering in South Africa in areas of Construction and Project Management. We will be accountable in managing and supplyingthe best construction service to the industry driven by enthusiasm, professionalism and integrity.
To improve on the quality and timeliness of service we offer highly qualified personnel and workforce with dedicated customer service and with our combined management and construction experience, we are positioned to expand our services into even larger and more complex markets.


We are striving to attain more contracts and expand our operations to larger, more complex contracts that complement the expertise and experience of our management and staff.
As a young team of professionals, every project undertaken by LC Ramarou is distinguished by these important characteristics:

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Timeliness.
  • Dedication to excellence.
  • And within the allocated budget

We believe that providing quality service at a competitive price will add value to our clientele and will attract the larger, more challenging projects we seek.

Objectives and the Success of the Company

LC Ramarou intends to remain a strong competitor because of its management capacity and construction experience adding to these resources our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction helps us to successfully take on a new, higher level of construction position.

In addition to municipal projects, LC Ramarou is pursuing large commercial projects as a project management organization. We have hired qualified professionals on staff and have a long list of top-notch associates with whom we are developing positive working relationships.

LC Ramarou is here for the long run. We intend to remain a viable force in the marketplace through competitive prices, quality craftsmanship, timely project completion, and two-way communication with all our clients