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Our Team

We pride ourselves not only professionally but also technically. Our managerial expertise gives us an edge over other companies.
LC Ramarou Employees will be continually trained and certified on the latest technologies.
We are dedicated to providing top notch construction solutions with expert construction and maintenance craftsmanship.
Our vast experience, expert knowledge and dedication to the Construction industry ensure excellence on all of our clients' infrastructure projects.

Training and Development

We strive to empower young South Africans, especially those in tertiary institutions studying along the built environment, project management and related engineering services. They will be given opportunity for experiential training while furthering their studies. We also encourage community support and volunteering. We believe that the taste of success is best shared with communities we undertake our operations in. We encourage conditions where infrastructure development and learning can thrive.

Key Professionals in the Company

Name : Lebohang Christopher Ramarou
Designation : Director; Civil and Construction Works
Nationality : South African (Black)
Gender : Male
% Owned : 100
Qualifications : - B-Tech; Construction Management (2006)
- N.Diploma – Building Science (2005)
- Blasting Certificate – BlastingAssistant (2008)
- Examine & Make Safe for Surface Mines and Quarries (2008)

Key Personnel

Name : Morena William Nkomo
Designation : Contracts Manager (Building Construction)
Nationality : South African (Black )
Gender : Male
Qualifications - M-Tech: Construction Management
- B-Tech: Construction Management
- N.Diploma:  (Building Science)
Prof. Registration : Chartered Institute of Building

Name : Charles T. Rankapole
Designation : Civil Engineering Technician
Nationality : South African (Black )
Gender : Male
Qualifications - N.Diploma:  (Civil Engineering)
Prof. Registration : SAICE

Name : Muruti Sekokotoana
Designation : Civil Engineering Technician
Nationality : South African (Black )
Gender : Male
Qualifications - B.Eng (Hon): Civil Engineering
- H.Dip : Civil Engineering
Prof. Registration : SAICE